Biannual GMM

Biannual GMM
Location:  Online via Zoom
Date:  Wednesday, October 7, 2020 16:00 until 21:30

During the GMM, the 35th board of BeeVee will discuss the past half year by going through the 'Biannual Report' and the 'Financial biannual report'. Also, we want to propose the ‘Social media guidelines’ on which there will be a vote. Furthermore, there will be a vote on the new budget for 2020 and the LuCA2020 extension. Additionally, prior to the ‘Biannual Report’ the document ‘Lustrum decision’ will be discussed.

Lastly, this GMM there will be again the possibility to nominate a member to become an honorary member. This nomination must be submitted by three members that are present during the GMM and can be notified beforehand to the board. 

If you cannot attend the GMM, you are able to authorise a member of BeeVee by emailing to the Secretary of BeeVee (, stating who you want to authorise. One member can be authorised by two members. 

You can attend the meeting on 09-10-2020 from 16:00 onwards using this link.

All of the GMM documents can be found here.
If you wanted to go to the page of the pre-GMM, you can click here.