Biannual GMM

Biannual GMM
Location:  Online via Zoom
Date:  Wednesday, October 7, 2020 16:00 until 21:30

During the GMM, the 35th board of BeeVee will discuss the past half year by going through the 'Biannual Report' and the 'Financial biannual report'. Also, we want to propose the ‘Social media guidelines’ on which there will be a vote. Furthermore, there will be a vote on the new budget for 2020 and the LuCA2020 extension. Additionally, prior to the ‘Biannual Report’ the document ‘Lustrum decision’ will be discussed.

For this GMM, there will be again the possibility to nominate a member to become an honorary member. This nomination must be submitted by three members that are present during the GMM and can be notified beforehand to the board. 

If you cannot attend the GMM, you are able to authorise a member of BeeVee by emailing to the Secretary of BeeVee (, stating who you want to authorise. One member can be authorised by two members.

Below you will read how the biannual GMM will exactly take place. Please read these guidelines carefully before attending the GMM:

  • •The General Meeting of Members (and the pre-GMM) will take place via Zoom. You can find the link for the pre-GMM of 23 September here and the link for the GMM of 7 October here. Please do not forward these links. You can attend the GMM on 23-09-2020 from 16:00 onwards.
  • •Use your own device when you attend the Zoom call and thus the GMM. In that way, the board can keep a good track of the number of attendees. So please do not use the same device with two or more persons.
  • •Keep in mind that this GMM is only accessible for members of BeeVee and friends of BeeVee, so please make sure that the GMM cannot be heard by anyone other than that. We advise you to wear headphones when someone else is in the room with you.
  • •Change your name to your full name when you join the Zoom call, so your first and last name.
  • •Wear headphones to prevent any echoes.
  • •If you want to say something, you can use the ‘raise hand’ button, which can be found on the bottom right of the screen when you open the participants list. You will then be given the turn to speak. When you are done speaking, don’t forget to lower your hand.
  • •When voting is done via acclamation, you can use the ‘clap’ button, which can be found under ‘reactions’ at the bottom bar of the screen.
  • •When you leave the Zoom call and therefore the GMM, please notify this in the chatbox, so that the board can keep track of the number of attendees.

We hope these rules are clear for you and do not hesitate to ask any questions by emailing us or by asking them during the GMM. We hope to see you all!

All of the GMM documents can be found here.
If you wanted to go to the page of the pre-GMM, you can click here.