Break lecture Metakids

Break lecture Metakids
Location:  HG00.307
Date:  Friday, November 6, 2020 - Thursday, November 5, 2020

It’s time for Symci’s first proper event of the year! On Friday the 6th of November, prof. dr. Dirk Lefeber will give a break lecture about Metakids! It’ll be given from 12.15-13.30h via Zoom. The link is:
Every year, BeeVee raises money for charity, and in 2020 this charity is Metakids. This charity finances research for metabolic diseases, and simultaneously raises awareness of the severity of the impact of those diseases.
You can sign up from the 28th onwards. As there are only limited places, be sure to sign up quickly!

Information about the content of the lecture, as written by the lecuturer:
"Metakids is one of the Charities that support research on metabolic diseases. Metabolic diseases form a group of >1000 genetic disorders that are caused by abnormalities in our metabolism. As they are individually rare, they are often neglected. Nevertheless, as a group, they form one of the most important causes of death in childhood. Few of the metabolic diseases are currently treatable and these can be detected very early during neonatal screening. This is crucial, since early initiation of treatment can prevent the occurrence of severe disease. The main goal of our research is to understand the biology behind the other metabolic diseases to find novel treatment opportunites and prevent severe disease.
One of the main problems is that the biology appears more complex than anticipated and also different from textbook knowledge. Thereby, research on metabolic diseases has also resulted in many new and unforeseen insights in human biology. This presentation will provide an insight in metabolic diseases and discuss the importance to understand biological processes to discover novel treatment strategies."