Auction for Metakids

Auction for Metakids
Location:  Discord + Stream
Date:  Wednesday, December 2, 2020 20:00 until 22:45

Going once, going twice… Sold!

Welcome on the activity page for the online Metakids Auction! On this page you can find all the details you need to know about the auction and this is the place where some of the auction items & compensatory actions will be announced!

First things first, the activity details:

When: 02/12/2020

Time: 20.00h

Where: Discord (Link)

Then, how does it work?

Because of all the current measures, the auction takes place online, via discord and a stream. In Discord, you can find:
● A fun chat: this is just to talk with your friends
● 3 auction item chats: There are many items to be auctioned during the evening. Because of this, there will be 3 items auctioned at the same time. Therefore, there are also 3 auction item chats. In these chats, you can place your bid as long as the item is up for auction.
● A help chat: Here you can ask all your questions, get help with possible problems and you can even suggest a new auction item or action!

The auction can be followed via a stream, where two lovely presenters will show you all the auction items. The link for this will follow soon!

Payments & receiving your item(s)

If you are the lucky owner of one of the auction items, after you have placed the highest bid, then we will ask you for your contact details. After the auction, we will use this to contact you about how, where and when you can collect your auction item(s). In this email, we will also explain how you can complete the payment. This will be done with a “Tikkie” of the treasurer of BeeVee. All the raised money of the auction will be added up to the check for Metakids at the end of the year.

Compensatory actions, say what?!

To stimulate everyone to place even higher bids and raise as much money for Metakids as possible, the board has decided to perform some compensatory actions, when certain milestones are raised! We will tell you what the milestones are straight away, but to get to know the compensatory actions, you will have to wait a little longer! These will be added to this page as the days progress!

Milestone 1 = €50.- Compensatory action = The male host of the stream gets a live makeover.

Milestone 2 = €100.- Compensatory action = ?

Milestone 3 = €150.- Compensatory action = ?

Milestone 4 = €250.- Compensatory action = ?

Auction items

Of course, you want to know what all the beautiful auction items are. We will present them to you bit by bit, to get the hype started! Down below, you can find all the items that are already announced.

● Blond Amsterdam package

● Radboud Sweater (size M)

● Surprise box with cutting by Botany Club

● Two times half a page in the MOTjE by MOTjE et Al. 

● Photoshoot by DIAFRAGMA

● DnD with SPIn

● More to come...