Valentine's Day Speeddating

Valentine's Day Speeddating
Location:  Zoom
Date:  Tuesday, February 23, 2021 20:00 until 21:30

Join the activity via this link:

As we predicted that most of you were alone by yourself on Valentines Day, as the FYC we decided to organize a fast paced speed dating event. The event will take place in Zoom where you will be assigned into several different breakout rooms in groups of 4, and meet lots of new people. You are expected to prepare the cheesiest of pickup lines to open up the conversation, but if you don't feel crafty we are always here to aid you with some disgusting pickup lines that'll start the conversation. Who knows? Maybe you'll even win a prize (or maybe the connections that you made here are the best gifts that you can ever get)

Don't forget to register through to partake in this lovely evening! To see the enroll button, you might have to login. We expect you all on Tuesday, 23 February, at 20:00 :)