Symposium Be Behave Behaviour

Symposium Be Behave Behaviour
Location:  TBA
Date:  Wednesday, April 21, 2021 12:30 until 17:30

On the 21st of April, Symci’s symposium will be held and it is open to all biology students, including alumni and teachers. This year’s theme is Be-Behave-Behaviour. There will be four invigorating lectures on that day. One by Patrick van Veen, who will give an engaging lecture about primatology, and especially primate behaviour in relation to humans. There will be a lecture by Judith Homberg about the compulsive intake of drugs, a lecture about the relationship between plants and insect behaviour, by Marcel Dicke, and, lastly, a lecture by Gerard Martens about his mouse-models for schizophrenia.
All in all, a pretty diverse day of lectures!

Our symposium wouldn’t be complete if there wasn’t an option to have lunch. This year, the lunch can be picked up at the Platolaan in Nijmegen. We would like to ask you to bring your own bag to save our planet a bit more. Pick-up is in the morning, allowing you enough time to get home and enjoy the lunch together at 12:30.

As an added bonus, ATP will organise a small activity during one of the breaks. The symposium will be completely online, using A link will be placed on the BeeVee website.

Signing up can be done via this Google form. Attendance for the symposium is free, lunch costs €3,- for BeeVee-members, and €3,50 for non-members.
After filling in the Google Form, please pay by filling in the form of the following links:
Members: pay here
Non-members: pay here.

Preferably order lunch before Wednesday the 14th of April, due to order-placement.
In case there are too many applications, BeeVee-members have priority.
We hope to see you there!