Fc's Crazy 69

Fc's Crazy 69
Location:  Twitch
Date:  Wednesday, May 12, 2021 20:00 until 22:00

 Dearest Biologist friends,

After being silent for a while and not seeing many of you in crazy outfits for Fc parties we were thinking, can BeeVee still get crazy? To know for certain we decided to organize a good-ol Crazy 69 (the other 19 challenges got canceled by COVID-19).
For those who don't know what a crazy 69 is, it is a challenge consisting of  69 mini challenges to complete in a certain amount of time. The team that completes the most challenges in the wackiest ways possible wins!
We will be doing this Crazy 69 on the 12th of May and the costs to sign up will be 8 euros per group. For this 8 euros you will get 2 packages, one for the daredevils of the group and one for the lesser insane half of the group. You can sign up in groups of 4-6 which indicates that you will need 2 devices on 2 locations to conform to the current Corona measures. During this crazy 69 we will be streaming the rankings, best wacky moments and more on Twitch.tv. The sign up is from 28th of April till 5th of May and can be done via the BeeVee website. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us via beevee_fc@science.ru.nl

Hope to see you all on the 12th to get wacky with us once again!