El PoCo LoCo borrel

El PoCo LoCo borrel
Location:  Cafe 't Haantje
Date:  Wednesday, September 22, 2021 16:00 until 20:00

Buenos Dias Everyone!

The new academic year has started and most corona measures have been lifted for us students. This means that we can go completely LOCO again and have a great borrel!
That is why PRAC is hosting an El Po(st)Co(rona) Loco borrel at Cafe 't Haantje the 22nd of September from 16:00 till 22:00.

There is place for a total of around 80 people on the terrace, so be sure to be there in time. We will make sure of decorations and a nice ambiance, but you can also brighten the scenery by coming with your Sombrero or something mexican related!

We have discount for:
Paulaner: 5.50 euros
Pitcher (1.7L): 16 euros

You can enroll for the activity using the form above. The enrollment info is needed for registration at the Café due to the corona measures and all corona measures will still be active at the time of the borrel

Vamos a beber cerveza!!