Sponsor Run

Sponsor Run
Location:  Park Brakkenstein
Date:  Saturday, October 16, 2021 14:00 until 16:00

Hello hello!

Have you already heard of United for All (UfA)? This is an organisation that has the goal to help people in need on a local level in a way that fits their needs and has a long term effect. And... it’s BeeVee’s charity of this year. To raise money for UfA the Board and ATP want to unite all talented and slightly less talented sportsmen and women that BeeVee has to participate in the Sponsor Run on the 16th of October. As a runner you will run a certain amount of rounds of 500m (as many as you can) in park Brakkenstein and you will let other people sponsor you to do this. All the sponsored money will go to the charity.
You can sign up via the website to receive your sponsor form and start finding sponsors.