Lustrum Borrel

Date:  Tuesday, November 16, 2021 16:00 until 20:00

As it is the 35th birthday of Beevee, PRAC will organise a big lustrumborrel! This borrel's location has changed and will take place in Café Samson where we will have a 10% discount on all drinks upon showing of your student pass! 
The borrel will be on the 16th of November from 16.00 till 20.00.
As this borrel will be hosted at an external location, this won't take away the PRAC-fun we always deliver. 
We only ask from you to take your QR-code (from vaccination or negative selftest) and ID, so you can have acces inside! Also, with the current lockdown, we recommend you to take a selftest before you come to the borrel.

There are only spots for 150 people available at Café Samon, so be sure to sign up via the Beevee webpage!

NOTE: The Beerrelay has been cancelled.