Symci Lunchlecture with Prof. Gert Flik

Symci Lunchlecture with Prof. Gert Flik
Location:  HG00.304
Date:  Monday, March 7, 2022 12:30 until 13:30

Symci organizes a Lunchlecture, given by Prof. Gert Flik on the 7th of March.
Below you can find the Abstract of the lecture.

We will provide sandwiches for lunch for €2,-. If you want to join lunch please sign up on the website and bring cash.
If you only want to join the lecture without lunch you are also welcome without sign-up.
The sign-up deadline is Friday the 4th of March.
Furthermore we will provide you with free coffee and tea, so don't forget to bring your own mug (we want to be sustainable)!

The topic of the lecture is: Life cycles in fish, inventors of circular economy?

The circle of life builds on cycles, in microbes, plants and animals. Focusing on life cycles of extant fish the picture emerges that their cycles are at the basis of the rise and success of all vertebrates since the Cambrian Explosion, about 550 Million years ago. The changing composition of the Panthalassic ocean and Paleo Thetys Sea (Pangaea split up in nowadays continents only 70 Mya!), the rise in oxygen, appearance of phosphates and phenomenal climatic changes shaped an abundance of fish species; their rich genomes allowed for continuous successful efforts in adapting to ever changing environments.
Pivotal in (fish) life cycles is procurement of energy, the driving force of adaptations; indeed life requires energy. Fish life cycles tell us how to manage circularity of energy. Several examples of crucial decisions and lessons to take are presented by salmonids, eels, annual fish and zebrafish.

See you all on the 7th!