Avatar party

Avatar party
Location:  Cafe Stretto
Date:  Thursday, March 10, 2022 - Friday, March 11, 2022

Dear Biologists,

Yes we are still alive! And after facing some fierce storms and embracing mother nature for it’s true power we came up with a new idea to party with you guys. Biking in the rain and (somehow always) against the wind made us think of one of our favourite childhood shows involving the 4 Elements. That’s why Fc presents the Avatar party!

Dress up as one of the four elements from the show or as your favourite character from Avatar. The party will be held at the 10th of March in the Stretto! The doors to the avatar universe will open from 20:00 – 03:00. Beers and Elemental themed shots (Water: El Picu Blue, Earth: Jägermeister, Fire: Fireman, Air: Sambuca) will both be 2 euros the entire evening.
Because the outfit makes the man (and woman) people who come dressed up will be able to enter for free! Otherwise entrance will cost 1 euro.

Since Stretto has no garderobe it is mandatory to drop off your coats/bags at the old Pinocchio building (next to van Buuren) for a 2 euro fee. Keep your eyes glued to our socials because we will be dropping some epic promo for the party soon! We hope to see you all there the 10th!