History ReBeats

History ReBeats
Location:  Sjors and Sjimmies
Date:  Wednesday, May 11, 2022 - Thursday, May 12, 2022

Dearest Partygoers,
Fc is at it again with amazing party ahead of us!! This time we are boarding the time machine and visiting all the greatest hits of each decade starting from the 80's. Don't be late to show up to Sjors and Sjimmies on 11th of May, because 100 welcome shots will be waiting for you at 10pm when we will time travel all the way to the disco 80's.From then on, we will revisit the following decades and each hour celebrate a new decade in style like its new years. This is your time to dress up in fashion of the decade you resonate with the most and bring back the very best of the past! Keep an eye on Fc socials for some inspiration and get reminded of the best music hits that marked each decade! Are you ready to turn back to klok with us?
We are excited to see you again!