Animal Research Facility Tour

Animal Research Facility Tour
Location:  Meeting point: pendulum at the entrance of Huygens building
Date:  Tuesday, June 14, 2022 12:15 until 13:30

Have you always been curious where and how the animal experiments at the Radboud University take place? Then Symci is here with the right activity for you! You can now sign up for the Animal Research Facility tour on the 14th of June!

The CDL (centraaldierenlaboratorium / animal research facility) is part of the radboud UMC. The facility offers advice and support: from planning to/up until the conduct of animal research on behalf of biomedical research and education.

There are only limited places available, so be sure to sign up quickly. We hope to see you there !!

Note, that you are not allowed to have contact with rodents or animals fed with (dead) rodents within 36 hours before the tour. This doesn't just mean physical contact, but also being in the same room.

We meet at 12:15 at the pendulum and leave the Huygens building at 12:30 sharp