Party animals

Party animals
Location:  Sjors and Sjimmies
Date:  Wednesday, September 28, 2022 - Thursday, September 29, 2022

Party animals gather around!!

After the summerbreak we are back with new energy to relive the partyspirit!
After the orientation all the groups of the animal kingdom got mixed up and found their ways into uni, but we as Fc want to bring the party animals back to the Sjors & Sjimmie!

It doesn't matter if you were a crab, giraffe or labradoodle, we want to see YOU in your best party animal costume! 

The free welcome shots will be waiting for you on the 28th of September at 22:00h in the Sjors & Sjimmies!
Don't forget to bring you ID and cash for entrance (2euro for members, 3 euro for non-members).

There will be protected wardrobe at the Sjors & Sjimmie for 2 euro!
We hope to see you all there on the 28th!