Day trip to Kranenburg (DE)

Day trip to Kranenburg (DE)
Location:  Groesbeek
Date:  Saturday, October 1, 2022 12:00 until 16:00

Hello BeeVee!

Join the Travel Committee with their day trip to Germany! On the 1st of October, we will take the train to Kranenburg from Groesbeek and back. However, there is a catch: the train is not operating anymore, so we need to cycle ourselves as it is now a cycle train!

On the train (or bike ?!) you can eat and have some beers or other drinks while you talk to other biologists and get to know them more!
We have 28 spots available for this activity and you can sign up alone or in groups of 2 and we will make the train teams!

So if you like sporting, travelling, picnicking or all of the above, this will be the activity for you! The ticket sale takes place in hallway 5 during the breaks next week (19th to 22nd) and a ticket costs € 10.-. See you there!

Lots of love, BOS