Pool Party

Pool Party
Location:  Sportfondsenbad, Planetenstraat 65, Nijmegen-West
Date:  Thursday, November 24, 2022 - Friday, November 25, 2022

Dear Participant,
Thank you for buying Tickets for the Poolparty of Sigma, MarieCurie and BeeVee. You and the extra tickets you have bought are personilsed and are put on a list we have.
Please show up to the Pool party with a form to identify yourself (BeeVee card or ID) at the entrance of the Pool; you also will be given coins if you pre-ordered them.
Entrance is only possible between 8:15 PM and 9:15 PM, so please be on time! The swimming pool will close its doors afterwards!
The Tickets are personalized. If you need to cancel or change details, you have to reach out to this email 24h before the event starts. The tickets are non-refundable.

During and around a pool party, in addition to the General Conditions of Access, the
following provisions, regulations and rules of conduct apply:

Participants can access the accommodation between 8:15 PM and 9:15 PM; then,the entrance doors close.
There is a “zero tolerance policy” about bringing drugs, drink, food and glassware. This is checked on arrival using a bag check.
All participants must be sober upon entry. Participants who are even slightly tipsy or already drunk upon entry will not be admitted.
Participants of 18 years and older receive a bracelet - provided by NV Sportfondsen Nijmegen - and thus have the opportunity to order alcohol.
Drunk visitors will be removed from the accommodation by the organization. This is also possible on the instructions of the swimming pool/catering staff.
Smoking is prohibited in and in the immediate vicinity of the Pool Building.
Showering before entering the water is mandatory. There are showers at the pool where you can shower.
The slide is open until 9:30 PM at the latest; the whitewater creek is closed.
Diving is strictly prohibited during the pool party.
Instructions from the swimming pool catering staff must be followed at all times.
You are allowed to bring your own inflatables to the pool, if they are not too big (so no donuts, air mattresses etc.)

With that, we wish you a lot of fun,
See you on the 24th!
The Poolparty Committee