Plant cutting exchange

Plant cutting exchange
Location:  North Canteen
Date:  Tuesday, October 10, 2023 16:30 until 20:00

Looking for a way to decorate your room? Or are you already drowning in plants? Come to the plant cuttings exchange borrel by Marie Curie and BeeVee on the 10th of october from 16:30 onward in the North Canteen.


During the plant cutting exchange, you can bring your own cuttings of plants, which you can then exchange for new ones. Depending on the plant that you bring (the size and rarity of the species), you will receive one, two or three coins per cutting.  From 17:30 onwards, these coins can then be used to “buy” new plants during the exchange part.

As it is a plant cutting exchange, we would strongly encourage you to bring your own plants to be exchanged! It is however also possible to buy coins that you can exchange for cuttings if you don’t have any cuttings yourself (or forgot to bring plants). The extra plants are all donated and the money generated from that will be donated to the Waddenvereniging! It is handy if you bring cash for buying extra coins.

While you are there, there is a very nice borrel organized that is the perfect chance to get to know people from the other study association and bond over your passion of plants. There will also be some games during the borrel that might help you get to know your fellow students.

VERY IMPORTANT: bring a closable container/plastic bag/ pot with you, so you can transport your plant to and from the borrel!

And for the ones who don’t know how to make plant cuttings yet, there are more than enough tutorials online. But here is already a helpful site (