What date? Who? What? Where? What time?
04-11 BOS BeeVee day KranenBurg Entire day 
06-11 Fc Tinder Party Café van Buren 22:00-03:00
07-11 Olympus Lan Night Huygens Building 20:00-03:00
08-11 The Board Board interest lunch North Canteen 16:00-18:30
13-11 BOS Info meeting BOS trip HG00.071 12:30-13:30
15-11 FYC Dinner Rouler Various places 18:00-22:00
16-11 PRAC Borrel North Canteen 16:30-21:00
16-11 The Board Theme Biologists Evening Sjors & Sjimmie 21:00-00:00
20-11 Symci Stargazing tour Huygensbuilding Evening
23-11 The Board Board interest lunch Huygensbuilding Afternoon
28-11 VACUOLES Beer tasting City Centre Evening
29-11 Kultuur Open mic  TBD Evening
30-11 ATP Gym class TBD TBD
01-12 Ac Alumni networking borrel TBD TBD
04-12 BOS 2nd Info meeting BOS trip TBD TBD
05-12 Fc Party TBD 22:00-03:00
06-12 VACUOLES Pool competition City Centre Evening
07-12 Olympus BeestFeest Doornroosje 23:00-05:00
11-12 Kultuur Christmas movie night Huygens Building Evening
13-12 Symci Lunch lecture Huygens Building 12:30-13:30
14-12 The Board Theme biologists evening Sjors and Sjimmies 21:00-00:00
19-12 PRAC Christmas borrel Huygens Building   

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