The voice of BeeVee

Welcome to The Voice of BeeVee 2021. Each day of the week, from 10-01 to 14-01 a new sound will be uploaded to this page of the BeeVee website. Each day our daring SPIn members go out to the front (with the 1,5-metre distance) to collect the most recognizable voices of Biology here in Nijmegen. Do you have what it takes to guess them all? Feel free to join this amazing contest

Only the first guess of each sound of each person will be taken into account by our judges, so take your time. Every day a new sound will be posted, but the sounds of the previous days will remain online until the activity has ended. So it doesn't matter whether you have been listening since the first day or only joined later on. You can enter one answer per day or all your answers in one go, just make sure to give only one answer per sound.

The winner of the Voice of BeeVee 2022 is: Anne de Ruijter!

Answers for each day.

  • Voice 1 - Sanne Vosters
  • Voice 2 - Laura van Niftrik
  • Voice 3 - Jens Loenen
  • Voice 4 - Colin Logie
  • Voice 5 - Ines van Bavel

Voice 1

Voice 2

Voice 3

Voice 4

Voice 5

This was the last sound, so thank you a lot for the participation

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