Upcoming activities

What date? Who? What? Where? What time?
Thursday The Board Biologists Evening Café Sjors&Sjimmie 21:00-00:00
26-09 FYC FYCasino ? Evening
28-09 Fc Party ? Evening
01-10 BOS BeeVee Day ? Whole Day
03-10 ABO Extravaganza Workshop ? Afternoon/Evening
05-10 The Board Biannual GMM ? Afternoon/Evening
06-10 The Board Active Members Party ? Evening
06-10 FNWI FNWI lustrum party Huygens Whole Day?
11-10 Kultuur Djembe workshop ? Evening
13-10 Symci Lunch Lecture Huygens In the Break
13-10 The Board Change of FYC & Chairs Café Sjors&Sjimmie Evening
13-10 Olympus BeestFeest Doornroosje Evening/Night
17-10 VACUOLES & SPIn Bad trip ??? Evening
18-10 PRAC Borrel Huygens Afternoon
10-11 The Board Active Members Party ? Evening
For the forseeable future SPIn will be maintaining this list instead of the cirs, if the list is out of date please contact the chair of SPIn