Upcoming activities

What date? Who? What? Where? What time?
24-05 BBB BBB career event Huygens Building Whole day
24-05 BCF  BCF career event Jaarbeurs Utrecht Whole day 
24-05  Olympus  LAN night  Huygens Building Evening
25-5 ABO ABOs mad scientists Huygens Building Afternoon
26-05/28-05 BOS BeeVee weekend Jong Nederland Whole day
30-05 Fc Dress as your type party Sjors & Sjimmies  Evening
31-05 SPIn Lasergaming Goffert park  Evening
01-06 Olympus Beestfeest Doornroosje Evening
06-06 VACUOLES Waalbeach BBQ Waalbeach Afternoon/Evening
07-06 PRAC/Motje et al., Almanac Borrel North Canteen  Afternoon 

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