Every 5 years we celebrate the Lustrum of our study association with numerous activities and an overall festive ambiance. This year will be the seventh lustrum year where we as association will become a year older, arriving at the ripe old age of 35. 

We as this years Lustrum committee have as goal to facilitate a good and well organised lustrum. To make sure everything goes as it should we have been preparing in cooperation with the committees of BeeVee to plan and fill the lustrum with every activity imaginable. The Lustrum Committee Anno 2020 (LuCA2020) consists of 7 members from a diverse group of years. As first years student merel Sweers, as second years student Rick Temminck, as third years students Emma Stroucken and Milou Stevens, as fourth years students Jules Van Der Molen and Imke van Wandeloo and as fifth years Jelle Verploegen. This coverage of years will make sure the interests of at least the first 5 years are taken into account. 

The lustrum will be held in April and May from week 16 till week 20 and the schedule will be released soon! Furthermore, we can’t wait until we can finally celebrate and enjoy the lustrum and hope you are feeling the same way!

Do you have a question or remark about the lustrum or us as a committee, email us at

Merel Sweers

Robin Jansen
Jules van der Molen
Milou Stevens
Emma Stroucken
Rick Temminck
Jelle Verploegen
Imke van Wandeloo