Advisory Board

The Advisory Board (AB) is an unofficial committee of BeeVee consisting of ex-boardmembers of BeeVee. The AB is an advisory body, intented to guarantee the quality and the continuation of the association (in accordance with the house rules).

The AB reads the minutes of the board meetings and provides them, if necessary, with advise and comments. The AB also goes through, and gives advise on, the documents of an upcoming General Meeting of Members (GMM). The board and AB meet regularly to discuss the ongoing issues within the association. Outside these meetings, the board can alsway approach the AB with questions.

After every board year, three to four ex board members take a seat in the AB. The intention is to create a diverse AB, with two ex board members per function who also come from different board years.

Members of the current Advisory Board

At this moment, the AB consists of the following members:

32nd board:
Lotte Boormans (secretary)
Marina Bool (ces)

33rd board:
Floor Hurkens (chairman)
Jelle Verploegen (treasurer)
Tim te Morsche (cer)

34th board:
Jasmijn Miltenburg (chairman)
Vera van de boer (ces)
Jens Loenen (cer)
Emma Stroucken (cir)

35th board:
Merijn Schutgens (secretary)
Julie van Immerseel (cer)
Lucas Baakman (cir)

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