Biology Orientation Committee

As the Biology Orientation Committee (BOC), we organise the awesome yearly orientation for Biology. This week of fun is always a great success and this year won't be different! During this orientation week you, as a first year student of Biology, will become acquainted with the study programme, the city of Nijmegen and of course the student’s life. Expect a week filled with parties, fun daily activities and of course a load of new people to meet! Now to introduce the members of BOC 2018:


Heyhey! I’m Max, and I’m the chairman of the Biology Orientation Committee (BOC) this year. You can see us in the group picture above, wearing our black caps! Right now, I’m a fifth year biologist who’s working hard on his first year of his biology master. In my spare time I keep myself occupied with all kinds of activities in BeeVee, as I’m a member of Kultuur (the culture committee) and I’m also part of the advisory board. When I’m not “working my ass off” on my master thesis, I’m one of the biggest movie fanatics ever and I always enjoy hanging out with my friends and drinking the occasional beer(s)! I’m really looking forward to partying with you guys during the orientation!

Hello soon to be biologists! My name is Ko, I am 23 years old and I am the secretary of BOC this year. I love to play games, going to party's and making bad jokes. In my orientation I was a proud honeydew, and to be honest, I still am. I hope you will have a great time during your own orientation and maybe, in a few years you will still be a proud hummingbird, indri, jellyfish, koala, llama, moose, numbat, ostrich, platypus, raccoon or seal!

Hi, freshmen! My name is Rick and I am the treasurer of the BOC this year.  I am 23 years old and finishing my bachelor’s degree this year. I absolutely love to travel, ask any of my follow committee members and they will probably tell you that I'm frequently away when I get the chance (and leaving them with the tasks that I had to do ;p) . Besides that, I'm a typical biology student: love to party, have a couple of geeky traits and like to drink one of the amazing specialty beers Europe has to offer. I hope we will give you an amazing orientation week that you will remember for the rest of your life. It's going to be an awesome week! See you soon.

Hello dear first year students! My name is July and I am one of the three general members of BOC. Besides studying I love to play hockey, like to dance or chill till late in summer in one of the many parks Nijmegen has to offer. I can still remember those fun times of my orientation when I was a reindeer. I hope you will also make great memories this orientation! Hope to see you soon!

Hello future biologists! My name is Rick, I’m 21 years old and I’m one of the general members of BOC. I’m currently in the second year of my bachelor. I like hanging out with my friends or attending one of the many borrels or parties of BeeVee. When I’m not studying, partying or hanging out with my friends you can probably find me at the soccer club in my hometown Overloon. I really enjoyed my own orientation and it was a great start of my life as a student. Together with BOC and the mentors I will do my best to make yours just as amazing.

Hi there! My name is Marina, I'm 21 years old and I’m the last of the general members of BOC. People often describe me as enthusiastic, which I will try to show you during the orientation! I'm quite active at BeeVee (the study association of Biology, which site you’re currently visiting.. :)) and (almost) finished my bachelor’s degree at the moment. I like to drink a beer (or 2) and just like July I like to play hockey (same team!). My own orientation was perfect and I will do anything I can do to make yours as great as well! Cheers!