Malle Babbe Cafe

Malle Babbe is a bar on the Molenstraat in the centre of Nijmegen, right in between the El Sombrero and Sumo. Every Thursday, biology students come here to have a drink during the Biologists Evening. Sometimes it's just casual having a drink on their terrace, but most nights people end up celebrating life inside Malle Babbe with music, dance and people from all studies in Nijmegen. Once every while, the board organises a theme biologists evening there as well, for example the Doe het goed met je hoed-biologists evening or the Escalente biologists evening. 
To make it just that little bit more appealing to join us in Malle Babbe, you get a discount when you show your BeeVee membership card: beer for just €2 and mixed drinks for €3!

We hope to see you there sometime!