BeeVee is always in search of companies, research institutes and other parties to collaborate with. This can be visualised in many different ways, such as promotions in our weekly newsletter, on our Facebook page, website or our association magazine, called the ‘MOTjE’. We also organise company trips, where we visit companies that are of interest  to our members. We also organise lunch lectures, where companies get the chance to give a lecture and speak to our members during the lunch break and make direct contact with them. We are always open to new ideas and are also prepared to develop these new ideas together.

Under the category ‘other’ you can find smaller collaborations with companies and organisations.

If you are interested in a collaboration with BeeVee, please send an email to beevee_cer@science.ru.nl or fill out the contact form and I will email you back as soon as I can. I am looking forward to your email!


Jasper van Boxtel

Commissioner external relations of BeeVee

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