Carefree Cycling with Boogle Smart Cycling!

Just like almost everybody in the Netherlands, you probably will need and are going to use a bike for transport from A to B. If you don’t want to buy a bike when you are in the Netherlands, Boogle Smart Cycling is the solution!

Carefree cycling for students already possible from €12,95 per month!
With Boogle Smart Cycling, you have the possibility of using a Boogle Bike via a membership.
For a fixed amount per month you have the ability to cycle anywhere you want. Maintenance and costs are already included in the rate.

Boogle is working with ‘Boogle dealers’ which are bicycle shops with a lot of experience. If your bike needs any repair, you can go to your selected Boogle dealer to solve the problem without unexpected additional costs!

Interested? Please check our website, place your order or contact for any questions!

Use the code beeveeb20!  when you apply, to help support BeeVee!