Ticket sale

The ticket sale for all activities will take place during the breaks (12:30 - 13:15) from the 18th till the 22nd of October 2021 in HG00.062. 

The following regulations apply concerning the ticket sale for the lustrum activities:

  • You can buy tickets for one person besides yourself, with the following exceptions:
    • For the Gala you can also buy a "plus one" ticket, which means you can buy tickets for four people in total. 
    • For the Pubcrawl, you sign up in groups of eight people, you can sign up your entire team at once. 
    • For the Popquiz, you can sign up in teams of 4-6 people by sending an e-mail to beeveediafragma@gmail.com. Emails sent before 18-10-2021 12:30 will not be seen as valid sign-ups.
  • As the price of the Gala is still unclear, a downpayement will be made during the ticket sale of €25.-, the rest of the sum will be asked to be fullfiled at a later date.
  • People that had a BeeVee-membership during the original time of the lustrum are also welcome to join all activities.

It is preferred that you pay by cash, since this saves BeeVee a lot of transaction fees. However, paying by pay terminal is possible.