UPDATE 26-04-2020 20:15

The Board
26 April 2020
Dear All,

We hope you are doing well and we wanted to let you know what you can expect from the association and the board during these challenging times. First of all, we will organise online activities. There have already been a few of these, but more will follow in the near future. The board will also soon start organising their weekly biologist evening once again, via Discord. Every Thursday, starting 07-05-2020, the board can be found in the voice channel “Malle Babbe” from 20:30 till 23:00h. The board can also be approached during the board room shifts. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday you can find two board members in the Discord voice channel “The Board Room” from 12:30h till 13:00h for any questions or issues you may have. If you have suggestions for the board you can tell us there or do so anonymously via the suggestion box on the website, which can be found under “Association.”

These days are a little bit crazy for everyone. You need to adjust to the measurements, while you are still trying to study. The measures also mean that you spend most of the time at home and for some of us this means home alone. We as the board are aware that these times can be tough and we want to be there for you in as many ways as possible. We want to stress that you can always contact any board member if you want to talk to someone. Also, the student advisors and student psychologists are always there to talk to and answer any of your questions.  Furthermore, there are several things that might also help, such as this video and this site of Radboud University.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to us if you feel the need and take care of each other!


Lots of love,

The 35th board