BOS announcement cancellation study trip

02 February 2021

Hello everyone,

On behalf of BOS, I am sad to announce that, unfortunately, we will have to cancel this year's study trip to the Black Forest due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Over the past months we have tried our hardest to organize everything for a safe and fun trip to Germany. However, the second COVID-19 wave is still happening at this moment and the current measures introduced to contain the infections are also still in place. Because of this, BOS did not find it appropriate to continue organizing the study trip this year as we are not sure how the whole situation is going to develop in the coming months. We hope to see you on the study trip of 2022!

But even though the study trip has been cancelled, BOS will still strive to host the BeeVee weekend in 2021, so stay posted for updates on this amazing activity!

Kind regards,
On behalf of BOS,