Dear visitor,

My name is Jens Loenen, and I am a biologist interested in eco-physiology and plants. Besides my study I am active in several committees of BeeVee, and I am the commissioner external relations of BeeVee this year. This means that is my privilege to represent BeeVee to external parties. Therefore, I'll go into our association for a bit, right away!

BeeVee is the study association for all (medical) biologists of the Radboud University Nijmegen. We are a very active association with approximately 600 members of whom around 150 are actively engaged in organising activities for the association through one or more commissions. We try to organise all kinds of fun and/or informative activities. To do this we are always in search of companies, research institutes and other parties to work together with. You could for example sponsor us. In return we can offer promotion for your company in one of our many media outlets like our weekly newsletter, Facebook page, website, or our association magazine, called the MOTjE. We also organise company trips, where we visit interesting companies that are interesting for our members, and lunch lectures, where companies get the chance give a lecture and speak to our members during the lunch break and make direct contact with them.  We are always open to new ideas and prepared to work these new ideas out with you as well.

If you are interested in a collaboration with BeeVee, please send an email to beevee_cer@science.ru.nl or fill out the contact form and I will email you back as soon as I can. I am looking forward to your email!


Jens Loenen

Commissioner external relations of BeeVee