The Dutch Biotechnology Association (NBV) is the professional association for all professionals in the field of applied Life Sciences. A valuable network of 1000 members from universities to the business sector. The NBV aims to stimulate the integrated application of scientific disciplines on biological systems. For instance, industrial processes and products, pharmaceutical applications, environment and sustainability, forensic investigation, energy, and food and healthcare.

Networking and knowledge exchange are the main components. Due to the fact that NBV members come from many different disciplines of biotechnology, the NBV is an unique platform for information and knowledge exchange. In order to stimulate this, the NBV yearly organizes the Dutch Biotechnology Congres (NBC), where global top researchers present state of the art research and the Working Groups present current developments and innovations in their field. Apart from that, the NBV aims to contribute to a balanced information disclosure regarding the utility, importance and societal meaning of the biotechnology. There are 8 active work groups in the NBV. More information about these work groups can be found on the website nbv.kncv.nl