When you graduate you automatically become a alumnus of BeeVee, since you can only be a BeeVee member when you study biology at the Radboud University. However, there is the possibility to keep in touch with BeeVee or to do something for other alumni after your study!

The alumni committee (Ac) organises activities for alumni and students. The symposium committee (Symci) organises a carreer day. In addition to that, there is a come-back-night once a year, organised by the faculty with some help of the board of BeeVee. Besides that there's the option to become a Friend of BeeVee, so you can still join almost all activities of BeeVee. 

Alumni of BeeVee must sign a statement of personal information before BeeVee can legally store their personal information. You can download and read these documents on this page.  

Spend a day with an alumnus

Did you manage to decide between all the different study and career options during your time as a student? And did you succeed in finding your dream job in the field of Biology? Then you are the alumnus we are looking for! As you know Biology students can end up on many different career paths. A lot of the students still have no idea what kind of work they want to do after they graduate. Therefore, the alumni committee of BeeVee wants to give students the opportunity to get acquainted with their career options for their field of interest. To facilitate this, we founded a new project: Spending a day with an alumnus. To make this project a success, we are looking for enthusiastic alumni who would like to show a biology student a working day. With this form of personal interaction, we hope to give students a more realistic view of what a day at the job could look like and what they could be doing in the future. Do you want to help your future colleagues? Please sign up in the form below!

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