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Although studying is a lot of fun, it will come to an end one day. What should be your next step after graduation? Where do you want to end up? Many students have no idea what kind of job they would like, even though it is important to adjust your curriculum to your own goals. Do you have no idea where you are heading? Or would you like to explore other possibilities? Then a job experience is what you need! The Alumni committee (Ac) of BeeVee started this project, to give you the opportunity to orientate into the job possibilities for biologists. The project makes it possible to come along with an alumnus to their work for one day. With this personal form of interaction, we hope to give you a more realistic view of what a day at that job could look like and what you could be doing in the future.

Interested in a job experience? Below you can find the functions of the alumni you can join for a day, as well as the administration form. Here you can read a couple of reviews. In case your dream job is not on the list, you can also mail us your interests and let us know what kind of job experience you would like to go on. We will then try to find your perfect match!

If you have any questions, or want more information about one of the functions, mail to

Because of the coronacrisis and the additional measures, a lot of the indicated alumni still work from home. This means that with some of the alumni an alternative job experience can be arranged (ask questions via zoom for instance) or it means that temporarily no job experience is possible at all. You can still sign up via the registration form and you will receive a response from us whether a (alternative) job experience is possible. 

Sign in options

  1. Software developer and teamleader at Risa IT

  2. Business Development Manager at Thirona (AI solutions for medical image analysis)

  3. Department leader first grade at the Maaswaal college (teacher at the MLO)

  4. Sustainability education advisor at sustainability center Weizigt

  5. Senior account manager/sales field coach at Cell Signaling technology / BIOKÉ

  6. Boswachter ecologie bij Vereniging tot behoud van Natuurmonumenten (Dutch speaking students only)

  7. Associate Scientist Marker Assisted Breeding at Bayer Vegetable Seeds

  8. Program manager at Lygature

  9. Lerarenopleider bij Hogeschool Utrecht (Dutch speaking students only)

  10. City water, climate and environment quality manager at the Municipality of Nijmegen

  11. Area manager at Novochem water treatment (students with affinity for chemistry and/or water treatment)

  12. Specialist in water quality at Waterschap Limburg

  13. Manager of pharmaceutical operations at MSD

  14. Professor in Clinical Genomics at Maastricht University

  15. PhD student at Amsterdam UMC, research: endothelial cells in lymph node development and functions (during health and autoimmune disease)

  16. PhD Candidate at Prinses Maxima Ziekenhuis, research on the molecular origin of pediatric rhabdoid tumors

  17. Biomarker Experimental Medicine Leader in Neurosciences and Rare Diseases at Hoffmann La Roche in Basel (Switzerland). Only post-COVID opportunities. 

  18. Biology teacher at Norbertus Gertrudis Lyceum in Roosendaal (Dutch high school, but English speaking students are also very welcome) .

  19. Teacher 'Science' at ROC de Leijgraaf for Pedagogy students.

  20. Junior project leader at IVN Nature education. (Example 1 and 2 of projects)

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