Reviews Job experience

"In the second year of the Bachelor (Medical) Biology, I joined two alimni on their workday via BeeVee's Alumni Committee project "Job Experience". One day, I joined a (medical) biology teacher at a ROC in Boxmeer, and the other day, I joined a biology teacher and team leader at a high school in Wijchen. The alumni were very enthusiastic to show me around and to tell about their study career and current job. These days were very helpful in making a decision between all the different study and career options and I enjoyed it a lot."


"We had a wonderfull day at MSD. The alumnus showed us such a wide variety of tasks regarding the Implanon. We spoke with people from the production part, the packaging, the recruitment and some other people. We even had the chance to have a look in the factory as the picture already might suggested! It really gave an insight in how you could end up in such a big company when you are graduated from Biology!"