The library and the study areas together are called the Library of Science and can be found on the south side of ground floor of the Huygens building (HG00.011).

Opening hours of the Library of Science
Monday till Thursday: 08:15 am - 10:00 pm
Friday: 08:15 am - 08:00 pm
Saturday: 09:30 am - 04:00 pm

During examination periods the Library of Science is also open on Sundays and holidays from 9:30 am until 04:00 pm.

General information
The Library of Science consists of three general areas. At the entrance you can find the lending- and information counter. Here can find help for the search engines that are available on and software for storage and reuse of publication data of scientific reports for theses and publications. At this counter you can also lend and return books and also request materials from libraries from other Dutch universities or from other countries. There are also eight group working areas where you can work together on assignments and projects. Furthermore, there is a study area where you can sit at a computer or with a laptop.

At the entrance (as well as troughout the whole faculty) you can find a printer to print and and scan both in colour and in black and white. Here you can also bind, staple and cut your handins. In order to print on the campus you need a Kuario. When you don't have a sufficient  balance you can restore your balance with minimum balance of €5,- and a maximum of €30,-. Click on this link to get to the information page. 

Students can print, copy and scan on every printer on the campus, regardless of the faculty you are studying at. When you print with Kuario, you do not send the file to a specific printer, but the file is now stored in a queue. Hereafter you can print your file on any printer on campus.
In order to use Kuario you need to create an account and then you need to top up your balance.

It is also possible to download the Kuario app so you can easily up your balance. Find the app in the playstore here, and in the Apple app store here.

Are you experiencing problems with Kuario? Please contact the ICT Helpdesk 024-3622222 on working days between 08:00 am and 05:30 pm or send an email to

Lending books
In the reading area you can find books and magazines with information on the scientific fields that are taught at the FNWI. You can lend books free of charge with your student card. Magazines can only be looked into or copied on the spot. The majority of magazines are only available digitally. These magazines can be found through the search engines of the university. The Library of Science also has e-books that can be looked into through RUQuest, one of the many available search engines. In addition to the large availability of information, there is also the possibility to study or read in silence.

The study area
The study area is a part of the Library of Science and can be found on the right side of the Library of Science. The study area is a mandatory silent part of the Library of Science.
In the study area you can study at a computer or use your own laptop. The study area provides plenty of facilities to charge your laptop and to connect it to the faculty’s network. All books that are compulsory for your study are available in the study areas.
It is also possible to reserve a separate room to work together on projects or presentations. These rooms can be reserved at the information desk. 

Reserving rooms
At the information desk you can lend headphones and laptop locks, among other things. If you have a question, want to reserve a room, report a malfunction or for lost and found you can send an email to: Every day, after 09:30 am, there is staff available at the information desk. 

University Library
If you want to continue working after the opening hours of the Library of Science or on a Sunday, you can go to the central library of the university, also called UB. The UB is located on the campus, Erasmuslaan 36. There are over 100 computer working areas in the UB and there is also plenty of room for self study in the silent areas. In the UB there is a small coffee corner where you can buy sandwiches, candy, fruits and drinks. In short, everything you need to pass your exams. For more information about the UB and the opening hours and the current availability of space you can visit the website.