Kultuur explores Nijmegen

Kultuur explores Nijmegen
Location:  Kolpinghuis Nijmegen
Date:  Thursday, September 20, 2018 18:30 until 21:00

Fellow student's,
Are you new in the beautiful city of Nijmegen? Do you already live here for several years, but don't know everything about Nijmegen's street art, pretty cafe's and history? Well then boy oh boy have I got good news for you!

On the 20th of September, Kultuur will invite you to the fantastic and renewed KeN!
We will meet up at 18:30 at the Kolpinghaus, and depending on how many guests will attend the activity split up in groups. The tour will start at 19:00 and will show you the most interesting, historically important and most beautiful spots in Nijmegen.
The tour will end at approximately 21:00 at cafe de Hemel, which leaves plenty of time for you to enjoy some of the home brewed beer, and go to the Biologists Evening right after!

There is no ticket sale, and no sign up required, just be there if you want to join us.
We hope to see you there!