L(a)unch Party

L(a)unch Party
Location:  HG00.304
Date:  Monday, December 10, 2018 12:15 until 13:15

Exactly five years ago, DIAFRAGMA made its first monthly highlights. To celebrate this fabulous anniversary, we organise a L(a)unch Party on the 10th of December during the break in HG00.304. This way everyone can join us! During this party, we will watch a special edition of the monthly highlights of October 2018. It's going to be epic!
We will also provide a tasty lunch, for this you have to sign up by sending DIAFRAGMA an e-mail to beeveediafragma@gmail.com before 9 December, 18:00 (please mention your allergies if you have them). If you bring your own lunch, then you don't have to sign up and you can just join us and watch it. There will also be coffee and snacks for you for free.
We hope you will all come and celebrate our anniversary with us!