The Sound of BeeVee

The Sound of BeeVee
Location:  Beevee Website
Date:  Monday, February 11, 2019 - Friday, February 15, 2019

We’re only halfway through the academic year and people already have spent so much time in the lab that they can hear the centrifuges and pipets in their sleep. From 11 to 15 february, this might actually be a good thing! During that week, SPIn organizes The Sound of BeeVee.
Everyday at 09:00 a sound, recorded in the lab, will be posted on the website. If you can guess exactly what the sound is, you can send your guess along with your name to SPIn with this form, and you’ll get a point. The person who guessed the best and got the most points will get a fabulous prize!
You’re free to discuss the sounds with your friends but only the first guess of each person will be taken into account by our judges. You can only send in your guesses until 24:00 on friday the 15th. After the weekend, we will reveal what each sound was. After that, the winner of The Sound of BeeVee will be presented on the borrel on the 19th february.
Good luck!