Register for the BOS-trip to Ljubljana (Slovenia) and Vienna (Austria)!

Register for the BOS-trip to Ljubljana (Slovenia) and Vienna (Austria)!
Location:  In the board roam during the breaks
Date:  Monday, February 4, 2019 - Monday, February 18, 2019

Dear biologists,

The registrations for the BOS-trip to Austria and Slovenia are open!!!

Have you missed the information meetings? Don't worry, all the Powerpoints are on the BOS page of the Beevee website! In short: we travel by bus (some of you might remember Willie the hilarious bus driver) to Ljubljana and Vienna, we will visit two national parks and two universities and you will get a city tour of the beautiful Vienna! There will also be plenty of free time in both cities :) The costs of the trip are 425 euros, but if you participate for the first time you can get subsidies from Student Life (75 euros) and BeeVee (25-100 euros, depending on the number of participants).

You can register in the board room during the breaks or whenever you see a board member on the run, until February 18th. Hand in two copies of the contract (on the BeeVee website) and two copies of a valid passport or ID. Also bring your debit card, so they can check your bank account number.
We hope to see you all!