Farewell lecture by Titti Mariani

Farewell lecture by Titti Mariani
Location:  HG00.307
Date:  Friday, May 17, 2019 12:15 until 13:15

We all got to know her during our first course in Biology. She taught us plants aren't as boring as they'd seemed to be, and for most of us she soon grew out to be one of our favourite professors: Titti Mariani. Who doesn't remember her 'zwembandjes' and basil plants? This year she'll take her well-deserved retirement, but especially for us she'll be giving one last farewell lecture. Don't miss your chance of seeing Titti one last time and come to the break-lecture on the 17th of may at 12:15 in HG00.307. There will be free cookies! Please sign up via beeveesymci@gmail.com or via the site of BeeVee. If there's still room you're free to walk in on the 17th, but full is full!

About the lecture: 'Plant Science in Society'
Plant science is a great discipline that enables scientists to ask very interesting and fundamental questions such as development, cell differentiation, cell-cell communication (stem cells were discovered in plants much earlier than in animals!!),just to mention a few, which can be approached using a variety of the most innovative techniques. However, plants are also the main producers of food and other "commodities" for humans, and studies on Plant Science can ultimately help to improve (the production of) crop plants and their performance in the environment where they grow. In this lecture I hope to give an example of good fundamental research that can lead (or has led) to "better plants".