Biannual GMM

Biannual GMM
Location:  LIN 4 & HG00.307
Date:  Wednesday, October 9, 2019 16:00 until 21:30

Dear member,

We would like to invite you to the Biannual General Meeting of Members (GMM) of BeeVee. The GMM will take place on Wednesday the 9th of October 2019. The GMM will start at 16:30 h and you are free to enter the room from 16:00 h. The GMM will start in LIN4 at 16.30h and around 17.30h we will move the GMM to HG00.307 where it will last until a maximum of 21.30h. We want to apologize for the two different locations, but it was the only to hold the GMM on this date. The pre-GMM will be on Wednesday the 25th of September from 12.30h until 13.30h in HG00.304.

During the GMM, the 34th board of BeeVee will discuss the past half year with the ‘Biannual Report’ and the ‘Financial Biannual Report’. The ‘Minutes of the Change-GMM’ and the ‘Minutes of the interim-GMM’ will be discussed. Also, the Lustrum Committee Anno 2020 (LuCA2020) will be presented and there will be a vote on the immediate extension of this ad-hoc committee. In addition, the ‘Covenant of sustainability’ will be presented and there will be a vote on the proposal ‘Partly transfer of BOS budget 2019 to 2020’.

The GMM-documents are now available on the website.

We would like to see you at the Biannual GMM!