Break Lecture: anti-self response in autoimmunity

Break Lecture: anti-self response in autoimmunity
Location:  HG00.307
Date:  Tuesday, October 15, 2019 12:15 until 13:30

Dear all,

It’s time for Symci’s first event of the year! At tuesday the 15th of october prof. dr. Ger Pruijn will give a lunch lecture about autoimmune diseases. The lecture will focus on antibodies found in myositis, an autoimmune disease characterised by inflammation and degeneration of skeletal muscles.

Sounds good? Come join this lecture for free in HG00.307 from 12:15 till 13:15, October 15th.
Since this is a break lecture, a delicious lunch can’t be missed. For only 2 euro’s we will provide one for you! Sign up before the 14th of October via the BeeVee website or send a mail to

More about the lecture:

The anti-self response in autoimmunity
A reaction of the immune system to the body’s own components is observed in many autoimmune diseases. This is associated with the production of autoantibodies, which are often disease-specific. Myositis is an autoimmune disease that is characterized by inflammation of skeletal muscles and muscle degeneration. Several autoantibodies have been identified in myositis and most of these can be used to classify patients into subgroups with distinct clinical features. For example, autoantibodies to cN-1A (a protein) are frequently found in patients with ‘inclusion body myositis’. Ger Pruijn will discuss the discovery of these autoantibodies, the identification of their target protein, their diagnostic value, and the question why immunological tolerance to the cN-1A protein in these patients is lost.