Old Dutch Games

Old Dutch Games
Location:  North Street, Huygensbuilding
Date:  Thursday, October 17, 2019 16:30 until 20:00

The Dutch are well known for a lot of things, for example their cheese and dykes. But a thing that the Dutch are less known for, is the wide variety of (weird) games we play here. Have you ever tried shitting a nail into a beer bottle, tried catching an apple under water or hung on to a pair of jeans for as long as possible? Now is your time to try!

On the 17th of October, VACUOLES will be organizing their Old Dutch Games! The activity will take place in the North Street of the Huygens building, and will start at 16:30. Can't start yet then? Don't worry, you can always join in later! When you begin you will receive a scorecard, and the aim of the evening is to score as high as possible on every game, which would make you the final real Dutchie!

The ticketsale for the activity will be from Monday the 7th until Friday the 11th. Look at the poster where the sale will take place, as we have to switch rooms quite a lot of times! The tickets are 0,50 and include the games and a lot of Dutch snacks like stroopwafels and drop! You can also order food (just like at the borrel) when you buy your ticket.

We hope to see you there!