Pool Competition

Pool Competition
Location:  House of Billiards, Graafseweg 39
Date:  Wednesday, December 11, 2019 - Thursday, December 12, 2019

The weather outside is slowly but surely getting worse and worse. What does this mean? Winter is upon us again! During winter, everyone thinks of Sinterklaas, Christmas, snow and hot chocolate, but if that's all you're thinking of, you forget one very important thing! VACUOLES annual Pool Competition!

Did you win last year and are you ready to defend your title, was last years competition a bit of a bummer for you and do you want revenge on the team that defeated you or are you a new team that wants to show their skills against the more experienced teams? Then come join us this year!

On the 11th of December, VACUOLES will organize the Pool Competition. This competition will be held at the House of Billiards and the first round will start at 20:00h and the walk-in will start at 19:30h. You can sign up in pairs and the tickets will cost you only €1.50 (per person) for this amazing evening! You can claim your ticket during the breaks of the 2nd of December in HG00.108 and on the 3rd until the 6th in HG00.114. It's smart to bring cash for drinks to the evening itself, as you are not able to pay by card in the room we will be playing in.

We hope to see you there!