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The alumni committee of BeeVee (Ac) wants to give students the opportunity to orientate more into their field of their interest. One of the ways they want to make this possible is with the with-walk-day, days where you can come along with an alumnus to their work. so it's important to give them this possibility. With this form of personal interaction they hope to give students a more realistic view of what a day at the job could look like and what they could be doing in the future. 

Are you a student and interested in participating in a with-walk-day? Below you can find the functions of the alumni you can join for a day, as well as the administration form.

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  1. Software developer and teamleader at Risa IT

  2. Sales Manager, sales and product support of confocal microscopes at

  3. Department leader first grade at the Maaswaal college (teacher at the MLO)

  4. Sustainability education advisor at sustainability center Weizigt

  5. Senior account manager/sales field coach at Cell Signaling technology / BIOKÉ

  6. Biology teacher at ROC de Leijgraaf laboratory technology

  7. Member of educational staff at Naturalis Biodiversity Center

  8. Associate Scientist Marker Assisted Breeding at Bayer Vegetable Seeds

  9. Teacher and education coordinator bioinformatics at Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen

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