The Sound of BeeVee

Welcome to The Sound of BeeVee 2019: Lab Edition! Every morning,  from 11 to 15 February,  a new sound recorded in the lab will be posted on this page. If you know what exactly the source of the sound is, fill your guess and your name in the form below. The persons who have guessed the most sounds right will be awarded a fabulous prize during the Après HUTSki Borrel

Only the first guess of each sound of each person will be taken into account by our judges, so take your time. Every day a new sound will be posted, but the sounds of the previous days will remain online until the activity has ended. So it doesn't matter whether you have been listening since the first day, or only joined later on. 

Sound 1 - Opening an Eppendorf vial.

Sound 2 - Revolving the nosepiece of a microscope.

Sound 3 - Revolving the gas-regulating wheel of a Bunsen burner.

Sound 4 - A vortex machine.

Sound 5 - Emptying a wash bottle on the counter.

There will be a new sound each day, so don't forget to come back tomorrow!

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The sound of BeeVee