This page contains information about the members of the 34th board of BeeVee and their duties. If you want to view the house rules and the articles of association of BeeVee follow this link or stop by the board room (HG00.150) between 12:30 h and 13:00 h and ask the board. Ofcourse you can always approach a board member and you can send an e-mail to with any questions or remarks.  

The 34th board of BeeVee

From left to right: Emma Stroucken, Vera van den Boer, Marijntje Jansen, Jasmijn Miltenburg, Jules van der Molen, Jens Loenen and Lotte van 't Ooster

Distribution of functions

Chairman Jasmijn Miltenburg
Secretary Marijntje Jansen
Treasurer Jules van der Molen
Commissioner education and study materials Vera van den Boer
Commissioner external relations Jens Loenen
Commissioners internal relations Emma Stroucken & Lotte van 't Ooster


Description of board functions

For a description of the general duties of the board, a description of all the board functions and the function specific email adresses, follow this link.

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