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As the Biology Orientation Committee, we organise the awesome yearly orientation for Biology. This week of fun is always a great success and this year won't be different! During this orientation week you, as a first year student of Biology, will become acquainted with the study programme, the city of Nijmegen and of course the student’s life. Expect a week filled with parties, fun daily activities and of course a load of new people to meet! If you have any questions about the orientation week of Biology, please feel free to contact us by sending a message to We will of course try to answer your questions as fast as possible!

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Who are we?

Hello there! My name is Rick and I am this years' chairman of BOC. I am 22 years old and come from a small town called Overloon. I am a medical biologist and I hope to complete my bachelor in the coming year. Besides studying, I love playing soccer, having a beer and hanging out with my friends. Together with my fellow BOCies I hope to make your orientation a week to remember. 

Dear future biologists! I'm Marina, 22 years old, secretary of BOC, in my 1st year of my master Medical Biology and enthusiastic! I'm quite active in BeeVee (try to find me on the site; 6 times!), but also outside our lovely association! I play hockey in the same team as July at the student hockey association (Apeliotes) and besides that, I love to hang out (and drink and eat) with friends and end up by accident in the TweeKeerBellen. As a seahorse, my own orientation was perfect and I'll really try to make your as perfect! See you in August!

Hi, all first year biology students! My name is July, I'm 22 years old and this year I'm the treasurer of BOC. Last year I finished my bachelor Biology and made a transfer to Biomedical Sciences (oops.. but Biology is really nice!!!) However, I love my biology friends and I am still going to a lot of activities from BeeVee. Besides studying I love to play hockey, like to dance or chill till late during summer in one of the many parks Nijmegen has to offer. I've been a reindeer during my own orientation, been a mom of nightingale kiddos and last year it was my first time as a BOCcer. I still remember all those fun times I've had during all the orientation weeks I experienced! I hope you will also make great memories this orientation! Hope to see you soon!

Hi dear future biologists! I am Aniek, one of the general members of BOC this year. I am a third-year biologist and finishing my Bachelor this year (hopefully). Next to studying I also really like to chill with friends, attend borrels or go to parties. During the summer you might encounter me at the Waalstrandje or on one of the many festivals Nijmegen has to offer. My own orientation was probably one of the best weeks ever, I made a lot of new friends and we went to many parties. Now, I hope to give you the same experience I had. I’m excited to meet you in August!

My name is Sten Lahaije and I am a general member of BOC this year. So I will do a lot of random stuff to make the orientation awesome. Before I became member of BOC, I was a mentor for three consecutive years. Here I learned how neat the orientation was for me and for all the kiddos. So when I was asked to give a contribution as organizer I was over the moon. Now something about me, I come from the lovely city Maastricht Furthermore I like watching and practicing sports. I like to be in the gym or do a run. And most important of all, I love kitty’s so cute, so fluffy.

Hey there, future biologist! My name is Bart and I'm one of the general members of BOC. I'm 21 years old and currently in my 1st year of my master in ecology. I like making bad jokes and puns, puzzling, sleeping and I really love a good movie or series. Furthermore, I really like BeeVee and attending all the great activities the committees organize. Myself, I like taking pictures and editing movies, so I became a member of DIAFRAGMA (the photo and film committee). I was given the opportunity of attending two awesome orientations, them being the best weeks of my life and I hope you will enjoy your orientation too. See you soon!

Left to right: Bart, Aniek, Marina, July, Sten, Rick

Rick Verbruggen (Chairman)
Marina Bool (Secretary)
July van Domburg (Treasurer)
Aniek Verstappen
Sten Lahaije
Bart Saris

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