1. The study of living organisms, divided into many specialized fields that cover their morphology,
physiology, anatomy, behaviour, origin and distribution.

Wait a minute. Organisms’ behaviour? Organisms’ anatomy? That is what Fc adds to BeeVee. Fc is the
‘Feest commissie’, which translates as the Party committee.

Fc is responsible for organizing one hell of a
party every 2 months so you can escape from your daily routine as a future biologist.
Fc is a group of biology students who are a member of BeeVee, just like you. Together they put a lot of
effort in organizing the best nights of your study in Nijmegen. To do so they always strive towards good
music, low beer prices, a number of hangovers and a wide variety of themes! Some examples of the
themes Fc have come up with in the last few years are: ‘Kinky Party’, ‘Rumble in the Jungle’, ‘Halloween’
‘Oktoberfest’, ‘Foute Fitness’ and of course the traditional Prom.

As you can see, a wide variety of themes to meet the preferences of (most) futuristic biologists.
Just like the themes, the location is also never the same. Fc wants you to meet all the pubs in Nijmegen
and therefore tries to visit most of them in a random pattern, though some do have a slight preference
over others and are therefore visited a bit more often than others.

In short, Fc, the bat of BeeVee, is a committee who tries to offer something to every member of BeeVee.
The main parts will always be present. Every biology student needs some drinks and greasy food every
now and then. However, there is only one thing that cannot be organized…. which is your presence!
So hopefully we can welcome you at the next party. Keep an eye out for posters and facebook events
with info about our upcoming parties!

See you at the next party of Fc. Bottoms up!
If you want to know who you should approach if you want more info about Fc or you ‘just’ want to get
to know them, check out the list of Fc members below:

Mail this committee: beevee_fc@science.ru.nl

Lars Laumen

Iris Dirks
Veerle Donkers
Julia Groot Enzerink
Luuk Meulman
Martijn Moers
Marieke Mom
Ida Peterse
Vince van de Riet
Colin Schoenaker
Sabine Stam
Emma Streutker
Rens Strolenberg
Wessel Tilleman
Aniek Verstappen

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