The Faculty of Science is located in the Huygens building. The iconic green building on the campus of the Radboud University is the home to the beta faculty and its studies, associations, research departments and other connected institutes. The Huygens building consists of four wings which are connected to each other by one main street and is meant as a flexible learning-, study- and  research environment to stimulate the integration and contact between students and employees.

Contact details Huygens building
Heyendaalseweg 135
6525 AJ, Nijmegen
Telephone number: 024-36 52 661

Study associations Faculty of Science

The Faculty of Science also offers other betastudies next to Biology. Similar to the study Biology every study has its own study association dedicated to their students and the quality of their study. The Huygens Building houses six of the seven different beta assocations: BeeVee (Biology), DESDA (Mathematics), Leonardo da Vinci (Natural Sciences and Science), Marie Curie (Physics and Astronomy), Sigma (Molecular Sciences cluster) and Thalia (Computer Science and Information Science). The seventh association is CognAC (Artificial Intelligence), housed in the Spinoza building on the Radboud campus.


What is Olympus?
Olympus is the umbrella association of the study associations of the faculty of science of the Radboud University in Nijmegen. We represent the interests of our members and those of the students from the faculty. Besides that Olympus brings students from different studies closer together with several different activities.

For the students Olympus is most recognisable as the people that run the student canteens. These canteens are visited daily by two to three hundred students, using them to relax, lunch or study.

The Olympus board of this year (2017-2018) consists of:

  • Thijs Heijligenberg (Desda), Chairman
  • Fien Ockers (CognAC), Secretary
  • Denise Meerkerk (Leonardo da Vinci & Sigma), General Treasurer
  • Nienke Wessel (Thalia), Treasurer of Stock
  • Bart Zonneveld (Marie Curie),Commissioner Faculty Affairs
  • Nynke Zwart (CognAC), Commissioner of Activities


Bart Zonneveld and Nynke Zwart are the representatives of BeeVee within Olympus this year. A representative of Olympus has contact with the board and the committees of BeeVee on a regular basis. This keeps everyone up to date with each others business.

The different committees of Olympus organise a variety of activities throughout the year.

If you are interested in joining one of the committee, send them an email!

From left to right: Nienke Wessel, Bart Zonneveld, Nick Zomer, Thijs Heijligenberg, Denise Meerker, Nynke Zwart


The FSR stands for Faculty Student Council. The FSR deals with all policies that concern students of the faculty. We represent the interests of the students to ensure the quality of education and to keep the education as student friendly as possible.

The FSR of the Faculty of Science of this year (2017-2018) consists of:

  • Sharon Eckringa - Chairman
  • Justin Domhof - Vice Chairman
  • Arwin Kool - Secretary
  • Rosanne Wijgman - Treasurer
  • Bas van der Zandt - General member
  • Leoni Winschermann - General member

Evi Sijben will act as assessor.

What does the FSR do for you?
The FSR focuses on faculty policy. This can vary from apparently small matters such as input into how many cleaning personnel is required, to large subjects such as the Education and Examination Regulations (EERs) which is established annually.

There are various ways for the FSR to participate in and decide upon matters concerning policy. For example, it can advise the Faculty Board (consultation rights), it often has a vote on various subjects (right of consent) and can even place items it deems important onto the agenda of a joint meeting.

On our website you can learn everything there is to know about the FSR. Who we are, where we are, what we do, and what developments are of interest to you: the student. These and other topics can be found on the website. Also several documents and notes which provide useful information can be found there.

If you experience any issues or have any queries, please contact us by email: fsr@science.ru.nl

From left to right: Bas van der Zandt, Arwin Kool, Sharon Eckringa, Justin Domhof, Rosanne Wijgman, Leoni Winschermann and Evi Sijben

Sports Centre

The Radboud Sports Centre (RSC) is a sport center where students, alumni, business athletes and private sporters have a choice out of 80 different sports. Via the website, students can apply for a year card and via the counter students can apply for a month card. Besides that, the RSC offers single tickets and 'strippenkaarten' for some sports and the RSC is available for accomodation. At the RSC it's possible to take part in courses, but it's possible to sport freely or via ticket hours too. A lot of the student sport associations are active in the RSC. For more information you can check out the website.

Contact details RSC:

Heyendaalseweg 141 
6525 AJ Nijmegen 
Telephone: (024) 361 23 92 
E-mail: inschrijving@rsc.ru.nl